Friday, October 17, 2014

Gardasil: Reclaiming My Life In Denmark by Anika Hjorth

Gardasil changed our lives
Hjorth Family

Gardasil: Reclaiming my life

By Anika Hjorth

This is the sequel to Gardasil changed my whole life.
I have been in treatment for six weeks now. The first three weeks I only got IV C-vitamin, starting at half dose (25.000 mg). Glutathione was also given IV in half dose to begin with (See protocol here).
September 11th – after 42 days of treatment – 11 IV C-vitamin and 3 IV glutathione
I have listed my symptoms before and after treatment. The treatment continues.
  • Extremely low blood pressure (down to 70/43). Only a few days in the beginning of the treatment, none since that time
  • Nausea. Stopped after 8 treatments with C-vitamin
  • Fluctuating heart rate. A few days in the beginning
  • Burning pain in the body. Still some pain in the legs – but getting better
  • Heartburn. Disappeared after 8 treatments with C-vitamins
  • Pressure in the chest, difficulties breathing – often in the evening/during the night. Had a severe event as the body could not take the high dose of C-vitamin. Then the dose was lowered and the symptom disappeared
  • Short of breath even when doing light exercise. Still a symptom – Is really getting better
  • Disturbance in short-time memory. No problems any longer
  • Pain in the stomach. No problems any longer
  • Lots of pain the legs and the soles of the foot. Still lots of pain
  • Loss of strength in the muscles
  • Heavy pain during menstruation and strong bleeding. Still very painful but reduction of bleeding
  • Disturbance of vision of left eye. Still some disturbance
  • Oppression in the ears. Not any longer
  • Lack of B3, d-vitamin and calcium. Do not know
After startup of treatment I have a better appetite and a stronger desire to live. The bubble I have been living in for 1½ years has disappeared – I have a huge surplus of energy….

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Messages From Higher Self - Show Interest In Whoever You Are Talking To......

Finding Your Life's Purpose - by Roxana Jones

If you still don’t feel you have found your life purpose and you would like not only to find it but live it, please ask yourself and respond in the most honest way:

1. If you’re ready to stop putting your children, husband, partner or any other member of your family before you;

2. If you’re ready to stop believing bills or debts must get paid before you can begin discovering who you are and what you are here for;

3. If you’re ready to stop believing in ALL limiting beliefs that are not allowing you to experience the life you deserve.

You must become aware of the excuses you might be reproducing in auto-pilot. It is important to understand that the time for it is now, because your past is gone and your whole future depends on the decision you make today, right now.

My latest article:

Are you Ready to find your Life Purpose?