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A Simple Ginger Honey Home Remedy

This Recipe Saves Lives People Claim They Cured Their Cancer With It

You might have already heard or read about this recipe, which is all over the web, and many people claim that they had been cured from cancer with this recipe. They also claim that they have been cured without chemotherapy and surgery and are now bursting with health.

The baseline of this recipe areginger and honey,and there are no side effects. One of the testimonies is a woman that has been on life support for 20 days, because she had cancer of the endocrine glands, now claims to be cured without chemotherapy and surgery and is healthier than ever.


  • 2 larger ginger roots well cleaned and blended;
  • After that mix 1 pound of organic honey withthe ginger;
  • Store the mixturein a jar and take 1 teaspoon 3 – 4 times a day;
  • It is very important to use a wooden,plastic or ceramic spoon, because when using a metal spoon the recipe loses its healing properties immediately.
After 2 – 3 days you should feel the first effects. This remedy is so awesome that it is known all over the web as the recipe that has a healing power to “rise from the dead”.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CDC's Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link by Sayer Ji

CDC's Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link

CDC's Own Data: Vaccine-Infant Death Link

by Sayer  Ji

Green Med Info,  23 January 2015

          The CDC's own research has found that the long denied vaccine-SIDS link is real.

If you believe the official pronouncements of top governmental health agencies like the CDC and FDA, all the vaccines in the present day schedule are a priori safe and effective.

Not only are you told that they can't harm you, but that not taking them can kill you.

Parents are under even more pressure. They are told that refraining from vaccinating their infants or children will greatly increase their risk of dying or being disabled. Worse, they are increasingly labeled as 'crazy' and 'irresponsible' anti-vaccine zealots who are putting the lives of others in danger.

But what happens when the actual evidence from the scientific and clinical literature produced by these very agencies contradicts their own vaccine policies?  

This is exactly what has happened with the publication of a new study in the Journal of Pediatrics titled ,"Adverse Events following Haemophilus influenzae Type b Vaccines in the Vaccine Adverse Event ReportingSystem, 1990-2013," wherein CDC and FDA researchers identify 749 deaths linked to the administration of the Hib vaccine, 51% of which were sudden infant death linked to the administration of Hib vaccine.  

The CDC has boldly denied that there is any evidence supporting a causal link between vaccines and infant death, despite the fact that their own webpage on the topic acknowledges that "From 2 to 4 months old, babies begin their primary course of vaccinations. This is also the peak age for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)." Written off as coincidence, the CDC suggests that stomach sleeping is the primary modifiable risk factor.

Because SIDS is the 3rd leading cause of death in infants, and because the U.S. has one of thehighest infant mortality rates in the developed world, one would think that more progress would have been made toward understanding its causes. Perhaps, as explored in this past article, the signal of harm is being ignored. Neglect and suppression of available data has recently been exposed with the confession of a top CDC vaccine scientist who was compelled to covered up data revealing an autism-MMR link in African-American boys.

In the new study, the CDC and FDA researchers themselves acknowledge "the scarcity" of postlicensure safety data on HiB vaccines in today's vaccination schedule. They evaluated reports involving the currently licensed Hib vaccines received from January 1, 1990, through December 1, 2013 available on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Presently, the CDC recommends 4 doses of the HiB vaccine at the following ages: 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months through 15 months.
The HiB vaccine is described on the CDC website as "very safe" and "effective" at preventing HiB disease, which it states can be deadly. They list "most common side effects as usually mild and last 2 or 3 days," including "redness, swelling, and warmth where the child got the shot" and "fever". 

Nowhere is there listed death or disability as a possible side effect.
In stark contrast to these statements the study uncovered the following highly concerning results:

To read the entire article, please click on the link provided below:


Friday, January 23, 2015

German Citizens Say No To TTIP & GMOs At "We Are Fed Up" March

‘WE ARE FED UP!’: Thousands march against TTIP, GMOs and industrial farming in Berlin. "The EU-USA trade agreement TTIP only serves global concerns, and will take away the means of existence from many farms here and across the world," rally organizer Jochen Fritz told the media. A broad alliance of more than 120 organizations, along with concerned citizens, totaling 50,000 people took to the streets for the fifth annual "We are Fed Up!" demonstration, which this year focused on the increased importation of American farming practices such as genetic modification, frequent antibiotic injections for animals, and chemical meat treatments.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Wolf Returns To The Side Of The M.N. Hopkins

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The wolf returns to the side of the lion and the once sheep will follow but not as before.

Now, the lions in sheeps clothing, full of courage, full of Light, full of Love.

M.N. Hopkins