Sunday, February 13, 2011

Read the Blog That Has been Banned From Godlike Productions

I have been banned from Godlike Productions and I don't know why.  I  know there are companies thatt can be hired to ban certain sites.  It was claimed that the IP address I am coming from has had too many attacks against this site.  I don't get it.  I can only speculate.  My other site has been banned by a company out of California that is hired by Governments and Companies to ban certain sites.  I stopped this partly by finding the IP address and giving the info to my computer guy who blocked it at the server.  I also had a redirect site he couldn't stop,

Is my content so dangerous that I am feared?  I'm just an old American Baby Boomer?  Hell, I grew up on, Leave It To Beaver and Ossie and Harriet? 

If you find this on google search, please look it over and give me your opinions.  Any hackers for the Good out there to give me your imput on why these things occur?  Have we sunken so low as a people that we can no longer tolerate freedom of expression?

I don't get it.  Can any kind hearted Souls with good computer skills enlighten me?

If you happen to find this entry on a search engine and like the blog, would you please be so kind as to pass the link on to as many contacts as you think would enjoy reading it?

My best wishes and kindest regards to all who visit this entry,


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Anonymous said...

They ban people unless they pay for an "upgrade". It happened to me, too. I never even posted anything, just browsed the forums.