Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Environment - Interview With An Angel - Part 2

Here is the second entry from the Interview With An Angel book.  This entry will deal with the subject of the Earth and humankinds relationship with it.  Again, Linda is interviewing and recording Angel Ariel speaking through Steven while he is in trance. 


Linda:  Do you have comments about the effect humans are having on the health and longevity of our planet?

Ariel:  First, we would like to offer some guidance to those who are so powerfully affecting in what you categorize as a negative way the health of the planet and that is quite simply to be very careful.  The planet you are dwelling on is quite capable of defending itself if brought to a point of endangerment.  There is no need for concern about the planet.

What is often (again in that myopic viewpoint of the human mind) not recognized is that the very planet upon which you live is in essence, a living being.  It is filled with the consciousness of the unity of God. It operates in ways that are only beginning to be understood by the human mind through the advanced scientific observation.  It is operated in such a way for far longer than those who are attempting to profit from it's resources and who are ignoring it's well being have lived on it's surface.  It will operate in a self-healing way, maintaining balance long after they who are viewing from this realm have seen what has been done.

The Earth is a most precious element in your lives.  It is a living being very much as you are a living being.  And, yet it is designed by it's Creator to fulfill for a definite period of time every need, every physical, emotional and energetic need that every human being dwelling on it's surface could ever want.  If it were not for the fear based need of the human ego to stockpile large quantities of energy--either as wealth, food or other resources for potential future use, everything would be far more in balance than it is at this time.

If you look at the realm of nature, the realm of animals, there is always stockpiling, always the need for pulling together abundance and for defending territories to guarantee sufficient food.  But, it is all in balance.  For even those who in dormant periods you call hibernation, stockpile foods, the very stockpiling that in many cases leads to the inadvertant planting and growing of many trees from seeds and nuts that were buried away and misplaced or forgotten.  It is all part of a renewal plan where nothing is harmed and everything flows in perfect accordance with everything else.

Yet, there is little that vast sums of money can accomplish when they sit in computer memory or in vaults.  If it were flowing as it was designed to do, it could correct all the imbalance and all the harm that acquiring it has caused to the most precious and loving of beings that you inhabit.  But, make no mistake, you have even developed some basic, albeit somewhat naive understanding of what we are speaking of--a phenomenon that you call Gaia--and yet...

Linda:  Gaia?  I don't know that word.

Ariel:  If you research you will find theories about the operation of Earth as a living being that you have labeled with this name we have given you.  And yet, it is far more complex than what has been understood.  What has been understood is in essence correct, but this Earth upon which you live will tolerate only so much destruction and when it becomes threatened, when it's survival is at risk, it will eliminate the source of it's danger as do all living beings.

This is not intended to prophesy doom and gloom, but is simply a statement of pure fact that while you are critically close to causing such a reaction from this living being, this Earth you are seeing in your own lifetime some of the effects of the devastation and the consequences the Earth will produce to counteract such devastation.  If in the long term it comes down to a test between the survival of the Earth and what you know as humans, the Earth will survive.

Linda:  Can you give us an example of the Earth defending itself?  What would we see?

Ariel:  The human organism is rather fragile.  The Earth has total ability to regulate it's atmospheric conditions.  It has tremendous ability to regulate the temperature on the surface that you live on.  It has a great deal of ability to control how much of it's surface is covered with water and how much with land.  It has great freedom to control environments that you label as tropical or desert.  Humans have very little tolerance to changes in these factors.  And these factors are not permanent, not guaranteed to remain as they have been.  The Earth as a living being has the ability to control and manipulate these factors and if the very survival of the Earth were ever threatened by the destruction, greed or selfishness of humanity, factors would be changed such that humanity would not be able to survive on it's surface.

Linda:  Cataclymic geographical changes have been predicted by the end of this century.  Do you share this expectation?

Ariel:  There are many in your realm who experience truth through a filter, depending on the height and degree of their vibration.  The one's you speak of channel wisdom and divinity through clouded filters.  They are doomsayers, the prophesiers.  Prophecies of cataclysmic events have existed, have raged for all time.  What they speak of is so focused on fear, so focused on the negative that it comes through as unspeakable disaster, calamity.  And yet others who take the same information and bring it through in love and in clarity see changes happening, but without the emphasis and with nowhere near the intensity that these doomsayers use.  They see that any change you might judge as negative is all part of a very positive process of evolution and growth.  So, that's the long answer.

The short answer is "no".  The cataclysm they talk about will not happen.  But, yes changes will happen to the Earth that will make part of what they say true.  But, the intensity will not be the same as what they speak.

Linda:  But many of the predictions, especially those of Nostradamus have come true.  Please comment.

Ariel:  What we wish you to focus on is not the accuracy of prophecy but the motivation of prophecy.  Prophecy can have one of two underlying motivations--love or fear.

Even in your time there are some who prophesy the negative, who publish books, who publish guides, who even have survival techniques on where to go and how to avoid the cataclysm that they see.  You must discern whether their motivation is one of enlightening, helping and saving others or making money and gaining power out of their fear and out of other people's fear that resonates with them.

We have chosen you to share our message because your goal is not one of instilling fear but instilling strength.  Yours is not one of disempowering others by your knowledge of the realm that others cannot touch and scaring them so they must follow you.  Yours comes from giving them a gift that will empower their lives and make them strong.  Throughout all time these have been both types of use of this power.

Linda:  Do you see the shape of the United States changing and California and other states falling into the ocean?

Ariel:  No.  This is prophecy based on fear driven interpretations of oceans rising.


Magnus said...

Oh, what blessed I feel to at last read a channeling that is not based on fear but out of love. I just have a thought - if you react with fear and worries about tomorrow when you read one of many of those channeling out there - how could that make sense to ones true self??? How can channeling from above create feelings of fear when fear is something that not exist in that realm, but only in the mind of the ego?

To me this channeling feels genuine - maybe not truly due to what is being sad, but that the feelings I get is those out of calmness and insight and not out fear or worries...

"One has nothing to fear except fear itself" as one renowned american president said...

Any opinions?

Mike said...

Some very interesting stuff here. Of course love is the answer, not fear.

Sharon said...

Absolutely amazing interview!! Very interesting stuff indeed!

Mike, thanks so much for sharing..

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Magnus, Common Sense Mike, & Sharon:

You are all very welcome. Glad you found it of interest and thanks for your comments.

My warmest and kindest regards to all,