Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Has Lawyership Replaced Leadership?

This question stems from my pondering of about a week ago when I was thinking about the lack of leadership today in our communities at every level.  I was thinking about the word Leadership and what it truly means and how it's meaning has become so twisted and perverted and far from its true meaning and expression that it had more often in my youth.  As I paused in my thoughts, the word, Lawyership popped into my consciousness and I paused again in my thoughts and now my ego must have gotten involved since the word, Liarship came into view.  I thought about it some more and these words both fit very well what passes for leadership or better said, the lack of leadership that is on a global scale in every facet of our modern lives. 

Lawyership and Liarship can often be synonymous and are just symptoms of a dis-ease that plagues our human communities whereas ladership can be (with the emphasis on can be) a way to healing within our communities.  Man can be led to their better natures or to what is worst within their humanities as is most likely the result of our acceptance of Lawyership and Liarship rather than true leadership.

I was reading an entry on Pam's, Notes Along The Path blog which I like to visit from time to time since I admire her honesty and sincerity and her way of expressing herself with words.  I will now cut and paste my comment below to expand on my thoughts on the above subject and also give a link to Pam's blog entry in which after reading, I composed a comment which I never could recall and transcript again.  So, here goes:

Hello Pam:

I don’t know about the word mission, but perhaps in a sense you are right. We are of the age (I am 2 years younger than you) where we were taught to leave the world a better place than when we arrived. We were taught it was our duty and obligation to work toward freedom and justice in our world and not in the perverted definitions of democracy, freedom and justice that are in vogue today. I was thinking on this a few days ago about the lack of leadership in our world and what has replaced it and the word, Lawyership, popped into my consciousness and a few moments later I gave it my own ego touch and called it, Liarship. Both words seem to fit our current states of governerment, business, educational and religious and other non-profit institutions.

I believe that anyone with any amount of care or reason left in their bones would be impelled to do their best to enlighten and if possible illuminate as many fellow travellers as possible.

Now, it’s time to get off my soapbox and wish you well,

With that,  I now leave you to your own ponderings and insights on three words if you so wish to and are willing.

Lawyership, Liarship, and Leadership.


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