Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My View On Those Misunderstood and Misinterpreted Prophets - A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

Sunrise at Guirim
Sunrise At Gurim
This blog entry came about after having been contacted by a young seeker looking for answers.  I wrote him a reply, but was not so forthcoming with answers.  First, for a little background information,  I will include a copy of the e-mail that I send to the above mentioned person:

Hello _____:

As per your request, I will send you an e-mail.

I cannot tell you of the Now or supply you with any answers, this is what you must do yourself.  This is respect for another traveler on his own path.

When you can step to the side of yourself and just let go of the fear that you carry, then illumination will come to you.  Each has his own path and each has individual experiences to learn from.

This is a common mistake of many to think that another can give all the answers as if by magic.  If you look at the track record of most great prophets, in fact all, they were dismal failures at helping the masses, although they did manage to touch a few.  Their main legacy is that they left seeds or gifts of inspiration that can lead to illumination in the hands of the sincere of heart.

Even if I had the power to, I would not illuminate you.   Not my job, although I have access to such power as you do to if you chose to accept this Gift.  In my view even God would not illuminate you against your will or upon your whims of ego.

To be too needy can be a trap and lead to disaster.  My advise to you is take it easy. All in time...All comes to the seeker at the right moment in time.

Coming from your culture I can understand this need.  All I will say is, that if you have a drive toward something than that something is already a part of you.

If and when you come to direct knowledge you will understand everything I say, but in your own way of understanding.  Try not to be like others, but seek to be yourself expressing Self.

I will keep you on my contact list and send you much interesting information if you so wish.  If not, say so & I will not.  I have a network of seekers and Servers of the Good as I call us.

Now, I have said enough and I will wish you a lovely day,

Now, I will expand upon this e-mail based on reflections that came to me afterward.  I also wish to add this this is not one of my stream of consiousness messages, but my very own thoughts and reflections.

When we honestly look at the work of  Prophets, Saints or Visionaries from a human or ego prespective, then we come to the conclusion that they were miserable failures.  From this viewing point, Mankind expected them to give them illumination by a word or the wave of a hand, or by some secret technique given.  This is nothing more than a misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the job of a Prophet.

A Prophet at least in my opinion or view is he or she that gives us the seeds of inspiration and illumination.  From a Souls viewpoint, this seed must be planted, watered and tended to until the time of harvest.  This might take some time.  For, the Souls growing season is an eternity, whereas the ego has the very short growing season of one lifetime.  A lifetime may not be enough time to reap a harvest of Light.

Somewhere along our human travels we must have lost sight that it is our individual responsiblity to accept these seeds of illumination from an enlightened one, to plant them, water and care for them and wait upon the will of heaven and the fruits of our labors.  The person in human form has such a short sighted or limited view, he or she will be unable to see the whole progression from seed to fruitition.

The Prophet has already done his or her part in this process by so generously and graciously sharing these seeds accululated from the fruits of their long labors over time.  A gift is given that will lead one to their own illumination experience in their own way and in their own time.

Not a mass produced product or one size fits all, but a hand crafted beautiful creation that is the joint efforts of an Enlightened One and  ones Soul teamed up with ones self.

So, think about this and don't take my word for this, but express you own thoughts and knowing in your own unique way of what you perceive when you read my words.

M.N. Hopkins


Anonymous said...

Appreciate your words on seeking one's own answers instead of looking for short cut solutions frm someone else. Such approach makes on dependent on someone else for their growth which by itself defeats the purpose of growth.

A fellow traveller

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Fellow Traveller:

Yes, there is no growth or freedom in dependency.

Wishing you many wonders and happy moments on your way.

Kindest regards and best wishes,