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Jesus Christ - Interview With An Angel Revisited - Part 2

This is a discourse on the subject of Jesus Christ taken directly from the book, Interview With An Angel by Steven J. Thayer and Linda Sue Nathanson. It is in the format of a question and answer session that was recorded and later put into book form.  

I believe that this discussion on the meaning of Jesus' life and his message will be well received by Christains as well as others of faith in God or Good.

Jesus Christ - Interview With An Angel Revisted - Part 2

Linda:  Who was Jesus Christ from your point of view.

Ariel:  The being, the person you know by the name of  Jesus Christ in your history, was the embodiment of the potential that you are all as a race, evolving toward.  He was the living presence, the simultaneous experience of total and complete unity and yet fully in the experience of being human.

This being was the embodiment of a most precious spiritual ideal that humans are moving toward and striving for, even if they do not understand.  This spiritaual ideal is simply described by your word, forgiveness and yet, even saying these words, we fear that you do not understand what we have said.  For many do not understand even what this most precious of souls, you know as Jesus, had said.

One of the needs in the process of spiritual growth and evolution is to inspire, motivate and teach without taking away the opportunity to learn and to grow.  If you reflect not only on the life, experience and wisdom of this particular being named Jesus but also other beings who have brought important knowledge by the very lives they lived, these beings have characteristically not been directly responsible for the knowledge they taught.  They, in many cases, did not leave behind any documentation.  Although the most precious master Jesus was capable of writing, he did not leave behind a written form of his teaching.  And, while there were others near Jesus who were capable of writing down every word he said when he said it, this too, was not done.  This was no mistake.  For Jesus, living the embodiment of this simultaneous reality of man and unity, was to be seen, to be felt, to be experienced and his force can still be felt in the hearts and in the minds of humans to this very moment in your time.

The human opportunity, the human delight, is to take the vagueness or the purposely ambiguous and sometimes contradictory descriptions of events, circumstances and details of the life of this most precious master and to focus on what he conveyed.  What he said and what he lived was a life of forgiveness.  He lived a life practicing forgiveness, not from a superior attainment from which he would take pity on you and forgive you, but from a state of such love through unity with God that the need to separate, to judge and to condemn was absent.

Jesus lived in a state of being, filled with love, where there is no judgement, which for humans, exists only during a communion experience with God.  In the state of communion, you can experience the forgiveness that this most precious master demonstrated, not only through his words, but through his life and even through his life and even through the process of death.  This is, indeed, the true teaching that was demonstrated and that has been handed down in the form that you call religion.  But, in it's pure sense, forgiveness that results from the state of love through unity with God was the entire teaching.  It shows you, most certainly, where you are headed in your evolution.

There is, however, much complexity in the process of spiritual growth and it is the trick of the ego to misconstrue spiritual knowledge for spiritual growth.  Thus, the mind will readily focus on the externals, the circumstances or the details and miss the point of Jesus' teaching that is right in front of it.

Linda:  The first twenty-five years of Christ's life are not recorded in our history.  Could you tell us something about his early years?

Ariel:   Your question itself underscores our precious answer in many respects.  There is no mistake that the details of the life of this most precious being were not recorded or handed down.  You might think it strange that even when those around him understood his greatness, it was not until many years of your time passed by that things were recorded.  As such, the details that have been described are contradictory and vague.

Do you not see that the lack of exact recording occurred because it is not details that you are being guided to look at?  The details are an encumbrance and only give the mind, the ego an opportunity to miss the spiritual point of the actual incarnation of this most precious jewel.  It would go against the goal and the process for us to enlighten you on the details of these unrecorded years, for it is not the details of the life that are important--it is the message.  It is the embodiment of the total state of love, the total state that a human can experience when he or she is simultaneously and paradoxically human and in communion with God, that is  simultaneously in a state of total forgiveness and a state of total humanity.

Linda:  Has the soul of Christ re-entered a body since his most famous incarnation on Earth?

Ariel:  No, not in the sense of the normal concept of a soul attaching to a physical vessel for the duration of what you call a life time.  Please understand, again with our apologies, the difficulty  in trying to convey the pure truth of the state of, if you will, the soul of this most extraordinary being.

In the model that we have created for you, his soul is purposely abiding between the state of close connection with his loved ones and the total immersion into the state of complete unity with God.  As a result, this most extraordinary soul can in essence touch the lives of his loved ones.  To this soul, to this being that you associate with the name Jesus, the term love ones applies to all of humanity.  For there is no one--no human being in any religious discipline, economic background,  political alliance or in any way that you label, catagorize or differentiate yourselves--with who Jesus has not infinitely and deeply connected.

He has the ability--expecially in times of tremendous fear or despair in the heart of a human being--to enter in and join you in deep, deep, beyond description communion.  When he shares, even for a moment, a connection to the very physical body in which you live, he leaves behind a sense of utter peace and transquillity, utter resolution and dissolution of any fear.  This soul serves as a universal bridge to the divine, allowing for momentary communion experiences.  And our use of the term momentary, in your terminology of time, can be from but seconds to years of time.

To be graced with the experience of being touched by the very heart of his soul, and through that touching being infused with a level of your own personal communion to the divine, brings you to a state of forgiveness, a state in which there is basically no judgement, hence nothing to forgive.  Therefore, forgiveness exists by it's own nature.

You have used many terms to describe this beautiful, beautiful state of grace available to you.  The term, Holy Spirit has it's own connotations and meanings, which in some cases are identical to what we have just described and in other cases are different.

The point we wish you to understand is the following.  There is correctness in saying that the pressence of Jesus, the living Christ, in your language, or the pressence of the Holy Spirit can remove your fears and bestow forgiveness upon you.  The forgiveness and the removal of fears come not from a magic wand waved over you to pardon you or absolve you.  The forgiveness we speak of is the result of the communion experience that we have just described.  It is the result of a touching of your heart to the heart of Christ through a communion in which the love of God is so infused through this vessel, the living Christ, that it brings about a state of total release from fear and a state of total forgiveness within you.

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LifeinCreation said...

"The forgiveness we speak of is the result of the communion experience that we have just described.  It is the result of a touching of your heart to the heart of Christ through a communion in which the love of God is so infused through this vessel, the living Christ, that it brings about a state of total release from fear and a state of total forgiveness within you."

Beautiful, and true. I took 'communion' every week of my life while growing up in a christian church. But the true communion I am experiencing now, everyday, and at every moment, while living in the very heart of God.

Thanks for this Mike.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello dear:

Thanks for your comment. I understand exactly what you are talking about. I had my big illumination in 1996 and since then I can connect at will, although I had experienced this communion at other times in mjy life when deathly ill or troubled and the Light came to me and the problem ceased to exist after.

Take care,

Pam B said...

Forgiveness, so beautifully highlighted. I've always thought of it as a key--but maybe your friend is right, it is THE key. Thanks, Mike.