Monday, August 15, 2011

One of Maggie's Favorite Inspirational Quotations

Sergey Brin

This is from dear Maggie in Canada who wished to add to Inspirational August on my blog.  Thank you, Maggie.  I hope that you like this.

Scientists tell us that when time began, fourteen billion years ago, something came from nothing. When you awaken to the ground of all Being, in a deep meditative state, you realize that when something came from nothing, the nothing didn't disappear. That unmanifest, unborn dimension is the ever-present ground out of which everything is still arising in every moment. It is what the Buddha called "the deathless," and what others call "eternity consciousness." When you awaken to this dimension in your own awareness, you will find yourself always already resting in the eternal moment before time began. This is the recognition that liberates: Prior to everything, I already am. The experience of this recognition is not one of becoming liberated. It is of being already liberated. What you realize when you awaken to that ground is that there is a part of each and every one of us that is already free—from everything. That part of yourself, which is the ground of Being, has never been bound, trapped, or limited in any way. That's the part of yourself that I want you to discover. It's not the part of yourself that needs to become free. It is already free, right now.

~ Andrew Cohen


libramoon said...

Bliss Consciousness

People seem to be threatened by the idea of bliss, trying to corral the ineffable with definitions.
How can I put words around without restricting open-ended bliss?
Have they no faith in their loving Creator?
Have I no faith in my co-creating higher Muse?
The suffering, disappointments, traumas, desolation -- these are not the gifts of deities
demanding or displeased. These are natural consequences of forces set in motion
impervious to prayer, blind to persons, unaware of our individual sad stories.
Meaningless happenstance we give greater power by attributions of guilt, blame,
bitter condemnation.
Take a little turn, I tell me, into a new truer dimension to perception.
Bliss is the source condition that surrounds us, is the essence of,
all that space in, around, between.
This is the Creator's plan, Eden's blueprint, paradise here and hereafter.
This is Christ's salvation, Buddha's enlightenment, Mohammed's dream,
Zarathustra's revelation. This is the holy secret Great Goddess whispers
in her cradling lullaby.
All of consciousness, all that life can give, is an option to open eternally
into completion as full awareness of bliss. Breathe in the healing.
Breathe out the stale pain.
Laugh in the chilling rain, yes, even as the tsunami hits, the Earth quakes,
erupting ash burns, take my hand, my word, my promise.
A universe of bliss is yours for the accepting. It costs nothing but your sins,
your misconceptions, your resistance to true unfettered life, your immortal soul.

(c) March 2007 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Laurie:

Thank you for your beautifully written comment. Yes, Bliss is everywhere if one can just feel.

Joy to you,