Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street": Thousands March in NYC Financial District, Set Up ...

This is going on right now in New York City. Spread the word.


Dr. Rob Rob said...

Hi Mike,
It is pretty surprising that this is happening in America, but I guess if it was going to happen anywhere it would be NYC. We've had similar protests here and throughout europe and I think this is an indication of just how pissed people are at governments using tax layers money to bail out a system that few but the rich benefit from. I think it's a good thing that this is happening but I'm not sure what will change as a result of it.

sm said...

thanks for sharing
will be back later to watch full video.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Dr Rob:

Yes, I believe that you are spot on in your assessment. Perhaps the best outcome would be a slowdown in the current speed of the lose of our freedoms. A Plutocracy is firmly in place now and people are pretty scared at least in the States. This patriot act has put the authorities above the law and underminded the constitution. All in the name of power, control and greed.

My question is, Will their fear of having no future or becoming homeless be greater than their fear of the few behind this new world disordering and their lackie politicians?

Take care and thanks for stopping by,

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello SM:

Thanks for stopping by. I tried to leave a comment on your blog but was blocked for some reason. I will try again.

Perhaas you freedom lovers in India should send Anna Hazare over to New York to help out.

Kind regards,