Monday, October 3, 2011

A Message To Those Who Represent We The 99 % Of Humanity

From Rolling Stone Magazine

I have been thinking about New York, Chicago and LA and those who stand for us in this movement to take back our Land from the hands of the Plutocractic.  The media blackout was lifted on Saturday in the UK and Sweden.  I figured that this would happen soon.  Now the controlled medias will make their own spin to darken and discredit those who have risen above their fear to take back their Land.  It is also more than this, in a sense they have united with other lovers of freedom in many Lands.

I have written a tribute to all those who now stand against tyranny and attempt to relight the flame of liberty for their fellows.  I have no way to support them but through the written word and by helping to spread the word of what they are doing from their points of view.

Now, I will convey my point of view on what this occupy Wall Street, Chicago and Los Angeles movements means to me.  So here goes:

A Tribute To Those Who Stand For Us

A time of change is soon upon not just you but many, many others.  The old ways are no more.   Now is a time of a great transformation of financial markets and the ways of commerse.

No longer will a few control the many.  For now is the time of co-operation and consensus upon us.

Now, many assemble in the great financial centers.  New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.  Seats of once mighty financial entities, now overcome and defeated by represntatives of the 99 % of humanity.

These way seers and way showers and way doers now gather before the upcoming storm.  Mothers shall weep and fathers shall cry at the injustices done to their own and will arise from their fear and inaction and demand a change of leadership.  True leaders, those of love, those of courage, those who know the way toward a future in which honest attempts are made to solve the problems of community.  The theft of pensions, the theft of our social services, the theft of our medias.  All will come to an end.

Consensus shall show it's head and the head of the snake will no longer direct, since it's body will be cut off.  Those who have signed up to this mass disordering of human community and betrayed not only others, but have betrayed what is best within themselves will lead no more.

No longer will the weak and the corruptable rule.  Now, comes a changing of the guard.  Now, come those of responsibility and compassion.  Now, come the true leaders to take their rightful place amongst their fellows.

The call has gone out and many have answered.  They come together not as victims, but as leaders.  Leaders leading the way back to their roots that were forged in the fiires of a democractic dream.  A dream of Man and Woman working together for the betterment of all within human community.

Now, the bell of liberty rings again but not from a cold metal object, but it rings loud and true with the strength of the human heart.

The young and old unite for a common cause of the re-establishment of the common good.

Yes, Good that will one day be so common amongst Mankind that future generations will wonder how Mankind could have ever allowed itself to fall into such a state of disalignment and disrepair.

Future generations will know directly what is of the Good and live their lives in accordance with not just what is best for their individual expression of their humanity, but what is best for their everyday living in human community.

We salute you all this day and wish to tell you that yes indeed you succeeded with your plans and brought about whole new systems of commerse that were created out of what is best within your humanities.

God's speed and stay the course.  For those of greatness and wisdom from your past and your future have joined together with you in these days and helped direct you back to the path that you left so many countless centuries ago.

They come from the north, the south, the east and the west and join together in a common goal of re-establishing the common good within human communities.  They will come together as one, yet keep their individuality.  United by a common dream, one determined by the human heart.

It is freedom you have sought and it is freedom that has again found you sleeping and rang the bell of liberty.

Fear not.  There is no force that can deter you now from the culmination of your collective dream of freedom.


Pam B said...

All I can say is, "YES! Let's begin again!"
Powerful post--thank you, Mike.

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Thanks Pam.