Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Plus One Innocent Bystander Arrested For Attempted Citi Bank Account Closin...

It appears that it can be dangerous to visit you local Citi Bank. A group of Occupy Wall Street protestors entered a Citi Bank to close their bank accounts, which I believe is within their rights unless our personal funds are even under the total or shall I say, Totalitarian control of the Banksters. Perhaps those who speak up against social injustice have been targeted and demonized or is it just a fearful, non-logical, emotional reaction of the Bankers. I will call these bank workers on the video, bankers because the real crooks are at a much higher level. These are just everyday people afraid of loosing their jobs in a tuff economy

Apparently a customer was in the bank at the same time as the protesters and was arrested also. Guilty by association. Will people who decide to stop by a local Starbucks, hot dog stand, or McDonalds be arrested also if they just happen to be in the same area as protestors?   Will it become dangerous to visit Wall-Mart or your local grocery store?

Is this a strategy to divide and isolate certain members of the community?  Will mothers and fathers, friends, relatives and associates be afraid to be in the same room with anyone who speaks of justice and sharing our worlds resources?   Will this fear turn us one against the other?  Will community be destroyed because the majority have lost the ability to think clearly and critically and are directed by a common greed rather than a common good?  Have we lost our heart as a people and a nation?

After seeing this video if I had a Citi Bank account, I would transfer all my money to another bank. There are plenty of them. It might be smarter to go to the other bank first and let them handle the transfer transaction. In that way you will be sure of not being in the Citi Bank lobby if a group of those very dangerous looking Ocuppy Wall Street folks happen to walk in at the same time.

These are sad times indeed.  I can still remember the America I grew up in in which people were greeted upon entering one's bank and treated with respect.  The time when private customers actually received a decent interest rate on savings and didn't have to pay a number of created or pulled from a hat service fees. I opened my first bank account in the early 60s and exactly received 4 to 5 % for the bank using my money.  I imagine that CEOs didn't have high salaries and stock options in those times and were not under pressure to increase profit every quarter.  Perhaps this non-logical and emotional based greed with it's side effect of fear is the reason behind the collapse of economies worldwide and the reason why the Wall Street protestors no longer wish to contribute to a system that is destroying their future possibilities for  life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  This to me is the logical action to take if one has even the smallest amount of goodness left within ones heart. 

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Pam B said...

I just received a letter from my current (BIG) bank that I'm soon to be charged a monthly fee for using my debit card and will no longer have free checking. Off to a credit union I go, though I'm not sure they will want my peanuts, either!