Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy With Love On October 15th

For, in love comes justice and in justice comes an ease in living. The unjust and criminal behavior of the leaders has bought about these great sorrows amongst the people over the ages. See clearly what has happened, but seek not revenge. Seek only that which is the best and highest in your nature and dare to bring it out into the light to be revealed, so that others will have the courage to reveal their own hearts light. For, this Light is strong and with it, great changes occur not only within the individual personality structures, but within group personality structures or what might be better termed, community.

Do not be afraid to show to others what is possible to do, once the heart has been opened to unlimited potential. Teach that the open heart is simply the greatest healer and health giver. The giver of all that is good and all that is of God.

Now, we have within your Realm, two factions. One led by fear of the future and the fear of one another and one that will be led by love of the other and a more hopeful, optimistic view of the future of Mankind. For, the struggles for power over the other increase now within your Realm. This is but a fear reaction as those who now lead the way, sense that the old systems are beginning to deteriorate or self-destruct at an alarmingly fast rate, at least from their way of looking at what is now occurring within the world of Mankind.

For, those who choose the path of love will not have it so easy in the beginning---for, the old guard will not give up without a fight. What they really fight for is to maintain their illusions or false views of reality. Their imaginary fears will be revealed for what they are and what they have done and are doing to human populations. Those of love will succeed in time and establish a new way of living within your Realm. This will not be done overnight, but in a slow and deliberate fashion.

New sound structures must be built upon which the future of Mankind will rest. Ones in which human intelligence and talents to further Humankind, will be recognized and encouraged. This will enable those who wish to develop their skills at community building. First, integrating their internal communities, then projecting this new found stability and soundness of psychological and emotional structures outward into physical reality.

There will still be problems, but the difference is that they will be solved, rather than neglected, which is now the way of Mankind. For, as more Light comes down from our Realm to yours, more will be healed of their pains and see the real possibilities that lie ahead on the human path. Sanity and reason returns, once faith has been established within each individual, which is then projected out into human community.

Once again, the heart will lead the way and the mind will follow. Courage and love will return to Mankind and a new found joy in living will emerge within your world.

Look upon each other as helpers and co-workers and no longer as the ego competitors that seek control of one another. Feel the love you already have for the other and all others. Act from this place of love and see the miracles unfold before your eyes.

Now is the time to act! Hear again the joyous voices and allow their music to vibrate throughout your being. See the beauty all around and within you. Look now!

Be not afraid, for the heart knows no fear and acts out of love and kindness. Seek no longer the old knowledge, but embrace the new ways of tomorrow. Know within yourself what is true, so that you will know who speaks of truth and from truth, so that no longer will the dark deceivers manipulate and control your minds and thought processes.

For in Love, is your freedom from all tyranny. Those tyrants who are the slaves of the ego tyrant and are directed from the darkness of yesteryear.

Found no organizations, not institutions, but find each other and help others to find themSelves. Then, a great healing will begin and spread one to the other. This will continue over the course of centuries until one day, again reason and faith will be the masters of Mankind. Then Mankind will once again be the masters of themselves and no longer will the ego tyrants rule.

Start this day and fear not, for love will replace your fear and love will reign again upon the Land.

M.N. Hopkins


Pam B said...

Love this. Thought I'd better tell you that you made a guest post at NAtP. :)

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Hello Pam:

Yes, I have seen it. Thank you so very much. I am both honored and grateful for the guest post on you lovely blog.

Kindest & warmeest regarfds,