Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jon Henrik Fjällgren & Aninia - En värld full av strider - A World Full Of Fighting

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This was from a Music Festival that determine who will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017.  This song is sunt in both Same and Swedish.  You Will just have to listen & enjoy the music or just feel it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We Are Not Going To Let....An Inspirational Quotation From President Trump

I will admit that I was not so keen on Donald Trump being our President before the election but the more I listened to what he was saying, the more I found that I agree with him on much of his policy.  I now thoroughly enjoy listening to his truthful talk and see him as a voice for reason and common sense in a world gone mad with so many unable to see reality or what is right before their eyes.  

As I watch MSM on television news or read in newspapers or on the net it is clear to see an orchestrated attack against him.  It is a global effort since the same party line is coming out of the mouths of journalists from many different nations.  They are outright lies and frabrications or what I call lawyer talk.  Stories made up to discredit, that trist and turn the truth in an effort to confuse,  distract and mis-lead viewers from reality down a rabbit hole that will eventually lead to the demise of our nations.   

I see Mr Trump for now as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change and wish him every success.  He is a breath of fresh air in a world under the control of fake leaders and their fake news outlets.  This may very well be Mankinds last stand against the powers who wish to take back the little freedoms we now have and enslave us all.

Monday, February 13, 2017

When You Boil Milk - An Insight by M.N. Hopkins

When you boil milk, the scum always rises to the top.  Ponder this and consider the current state of leadership within education, health care, government, corporations and in fact, all institutions within our current human communities.  One can remain in the black cauldron and allow the heat or great pressure put upon you to transform you into scum or become as the stream created which has the power to clean and/or eliminate the very scum created by the same boiling process.   

©  2017  M.N. Hopkins

Sunday, February 12, 2017

400 Reasons To Consume Green Tea by Sayer Ji

400 Reasons to Consume Green Tea
by Sayer Ji

Green Med Info,    8 February 2017

Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage
~ Kakuzo Okakura, Book of Tea
Things have come full circle. Green tea, which is consumed by billions the world over as an enjoyable beverage, is once again its attaining its rightful status as a powerful medicine in the eyes of both the public and health practitioners, alike. 
We can imagine that long before the advent of civilization, with all its familiar trappings of pyrotechnology and pottery, tea leaves (which are quite bitter) would not have been nibbled on for recreation. Likely they would have been used only occasionally in small amounts, for the purposes of harnessing their intensely concentrated medicinal properties. Only later, as Okakura ruminated, would tea be consumed regularly and ostensibly for pleasure, in the form of a drinkable infusion.
The beauty of tea's transition from a medicine to a beverage is that drinking tea in small amounts daily may prevent the need for using 'heroic' megadoses of green tea at any time later in life after a serious disease sets in. Food (and beverage) is medicine, assuredly, but they are best used preventively – in small, hopefully enjoyable, doses - long before a serious problem has a chance to dig in its roots.
So, what are the health benefits of tea, particularly green tea? We think of it as an antioxidant, and indeed, of the 124 beneficial 'pharmacological actions' we have identified tea possessing on our natural medicine database project thus far, reduction of oxidative stress is top on the list.[i]  But what of the other 123 actions mentioned?
Did you know that green tea is capable of reducing the formation of the fat cells known as adipocytes (anti-adipogenic), which is one reason why it has been studied for its possible ameliorative role in weight gain and obesity.[ii]  Green tea has also been found to modulate AMP-activated protein kinase which reduces fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis, as well as gluconeogensis (the production of sugar from protein in the liver).[iii]
Or, did you know that green tea has been studied for its ability to slow the aging process? Daily consumption of green tea catechin delays memory regression and brain dysfunction in aged mice.[iv] [v]  Green tea has also been found to prevent photoaging of the skin,[vi] and potentially have a rejuvenating effect.[vii]
Green tea has also been found to induce programmed cell death (apoptosis) in a variety of cancer cell lines, including colorectal, breast, endometrial, skin, brain, gastrointestinal, prostate, and leukemic.[viii]
We are only at potential beneficial action #4 of 124. Shall we go on? The problem is not a lack of research supporting the health benefits of green tea, rather, that there are too many to list. Back in 1971, the US National Library of Medicine's bibliographic citation database Medline lists one study published in a peer-reviewed journal on the topic. Last year alone, 543 articles were published on green tea's pharmacological properties. In total, Medline contains 6,636  referenced citations on green tea research. We have spent a considerable amount of time organizing a key fraction of this research, in connection with green tea's beneficial role in 400 health conditions.  You can view the research on our page dedicated to this remarkable plant here: Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Green Tea.
It should be noted that black tea is simply baked or oxidized green tea. And yet it still retains significant medicinal activity, including potent antioxidant activity.[ix] While there is less research available on MEDLINE on black tea's health benefits, we have indexed close to 50 health conditions that may benefit from its consumption and which can be viewed here: Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Black Tea.
If a simple action like drinking tea can protect us against possibly hundreds of potential health problems, as well as give us a much needed respite from our daily activities in the act of preparing, drinking, or sharing tea, then perhaps we should aspire to drink a cup sometime soon again.

To read the 400 reasons, please click on the link provided below:

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Celebrate, Congratulate And Bless - Japanese Caligraphy Symbol

" 祝 " (shuku, or iwau). It is translated as celebrate, congratulate, blessing, etc.
   This character is written by Kanzi, Semi-cursive script. 

   Etymology : Ideogrammic compound
    示 (show) +  兄 (elder)


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Now Has Come A Time Of A Great Awakening.....A Discourse by M.N. Hopkins

Now, has come a time of a great awakening.  No longer will Mankind be deceived by false statistics and information.  Now, citizens will use their own God given talents to discern and see what is true and what is false.

No longer can the easy path of irresponsibility continue.  It is time for every human to take responsibility not just for the quality of their own existence here in our world, but it is also time to see to the quality and continuation of human communities.

You can no longer look to a few,  for this is why you have come to this dangerous intersection in human evolution.  Human community is a joint effort and a joint creation.  All must participate, all must be responsible, all must act to perpetuate the common good.

When good becomes common, then these troubles of Mankind will cease to exist.  When courage arrives, then movement will occur.  Movement toward a world of loving kindness and shared responsibility.  A future of honest and just resource distribution and use.

No longer can a few horde the riches of this Earth while many suffer poverty and pain.  What good is it to be a ruler in Hell rather than a co-worker in a Heaven on Earth?

Look within yourselves to your own strength and wisdom and the power to transform and transmute matter.  Be a leader and lead the ego. Create a good that is so common that those in future times will wonder how it could have been otherwise in the world of Mankind.

All is not lost.  There is still hope as there is always hope within your world of Man. The Light dims more each day, yet this too will result in greater Light to enter your world in the form of future workers to reinstate the common good, which has all but been forgotten and replaced by what you may term, the common greed that has resulted in great imbalances amongst men and women.

We see this as another step toward the realization that the seeking of material goods is pure folly and leads only to the destruction of your human communities.  A few have convinced the many of a false path, a path of chaos and the destruction of all that was and is still good within a few who have been bold enough to speak up against the current trends that push Mankind into a deep and dangerous darkness that will result in the total annihilation of human communities.

For these men of weakness have not just destroyed whole nations, but in their blind seeking after control of human minds to instill fear so that their evil plans cannot be seen but by a few who speak up and are as voices in the wilderness.  Not only have these men destroyed all trust, but they have destroyed their own families and themselves, although they cannot see it now, but soon the day of reckoning occurs and they will be revealed for their crimes against the human spirit.

Their accumulated wealth will mean nothing to those who starve not just for clean food and water, but starve for the freedom to express their humanity and goodness without fear of reprisals.  It is sad that it will come to this, but people will learn from this and will no longer be so easily deceived by these few who do ill intent and twist and turn and change laws to imprison the last voices of reason and love.  These men will be judged by God as well as their citizens and no more will tyrants rule so effectively.

Remember the common good.  Have faith again in each other and your God given abilities to create any future that you wish.  No longer play the victims and blame your leaderless leaders, but seek new visions.  Let the Light of Liberty again burn bright and light the way back to your inherent right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  For these words were inspired by the higher angels of Mankind's being.  Inspired, lived for a short while, but soon forgotten.

No longer can evil caste its dark shadows upon the Lands.  It is time for new beginnings and a new committment to connect to and bring up and outward what is best within our humanity.

End this cycle of terror and come again to your senses and see others as co-creators and co-operators, rather than competitors for your imaginary values that you have placed upon the Earth's resources.

Pray for guidance and believe that a bright and glorious future awaits Mankind at the end of this cycle of enslavement and intimidation.  Connect again to your hearts light and let your brightness light the way for you and your fellow travellers.  Be not afraid, but be bold and fear not those of darkness who deceive and feed you false information so as to control you and move you to do their bidding.

Be bold and say no to those who spread mis-truth and mis-trust and show others a different way.  Say,  yes to those who show a way of helpful co-operation that will lead to the building of new human communities.  Let your Light out into your world of darkness so that others can see not to be afraid.  For,  the Light will reveal the truth and yes, the truth will set Mankind free and again be able to build a common vision of a future that brings with it the joy in living and a natural love of one another.

Be no longer irresponsible, but be one who creates rather than destroys.  Stop the fighting so that you can begin to see the similarities of your hopes and dreams.  For just a few to dream of a better tomorrow is not enough, many must join in this enterprise for the good of all.  Yes, the good of all will be the call of the future.

One day Mankind will look back upon these times and understand that it was just a part of God's plan, perhaps not a pleasant part, but a necessary part toward loving kindness.  For the old ways and mental and emotional structures must be destroyed before new creations can take their place.   It is the never ending cycle of creation and destruction that is directed by the Hands of God.  We see this in nature, so why is it that Man has deluded himself that he is no longer a part of the Earth and its cycles.

The Earth changes, lands appear and disappear, forests change, animal as well as human populations migrate.  Can't you see that human community is as the cycles in nature?  Nations rise and fall.  Those of Light begin the great Nations and those of darkness, destroy them.  This is a natural cycle of change so that men can learn from their experience.

Now, we are at the part of the cycle where the dull of mind and emotion rule and are concentrating on this greatness of yesteryear with word only as they lead the Lands worldwide toward a complete social and ecomonic collapse.  Fear not!  From these ruins will emerge a new strength, a great wisdom, and a willingness to build more equitable and enduring structures in which that which is best in your humanity can grow and prosper and Mankind will live in a mature and responsible way and your age old dreams of justice and freedom will be realized.

Have faith in yourselves and faith in a future in which men and women can look each other in the eyes, shake hands, and come to agreement on how a world can be created that sees to the good of the many, rather than the good of a privileged few, which resulted in this misuse of your God given power and gifts to create your human communities.

See again and feel again that Joy, that Strength, and the Love which is now dormant within you only waiting for you to open the doors of your prisons and walk out into the Light of a new tomorrow.

©  M.N. Hopkins