Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Health Benefits of Borax

To learn more, click on the link below:

Note:   I  have not taken this remedy myself but comes highly recommended from two sources that I believe to be reliable.  As with any remedy,  my advice would be to research it first before trying it.
The product used in the remedy is easily obtainable and inexpensive in the States.  As to availability in Europe, Africa, South America or Oceania,  I have no idea. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Beware Of The Guru That.....Sound Advice from Sir Albert Holmes

Note:   I could not agree more.   Beware of those who sell themselves or try to convince you that they are the only way to freedom or enlightenment.   That person is seeking to fulfill their own ego needs and profit in their need for power, money or control over another.   This is so common amongst spiritual people, shamans and light workers.   I have seen people on their own path who were solid and self-reliant become emotionally weak and parroting words that are not their own.  

Beware of the goo-gooru in gurus' clothing.   Use your own discernment and trust in your own inner Light for consul. 

M.N. Hopkins

To see more of Sir Albert’s work, please clink on the link provided below:

Philosophical Art by Sir Albert Holmes

Friday, May 11, 2018

There Is No Tree....A Native American Proverb

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There is no tree whose branches are foolish enough to fight amongst themselves.

Native American Proverb

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Music Of The Plants: An Avocado Tree’s Beautiful Music

Youtube link:

I spent some time sitting by this big avocado tree and listening to its beautiful music.
It was quite windy so the sound of this video is not the best, but I decided to leave the original and not replace it with the recording of the music because I loved the sound of the birds as well.
This way you can have an idea of how pleasant this experience was :-)
More about the music of the plants here:
You can buy the full recording here:

The U1 device allows plants to produce sounds and to make music. It does so by measuring the electrical resistance of vegetable tissues and transducing it into a MIDI signal (Musical Instruments Digital Interface). The MIDI signal then controls a synthesizer that produces the actual sound.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Watch The Human Longevity Project Documentary Free Starting on May 8, 2018

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Discover How The Planet's Healthiest People Live Into Their 80s, 90s And 100s, Free of Disease, And Free From The Influence Of Industrial Food And Agriculture

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018

For And With The Divine Video - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

For And With The Divine Video is a creation by Sukie.  Many, many thanks for the beautiful video.  I am both grateful and honored that you think enough of my writings to make a video for me.  

If you wish the full text of the poem, please click on the link provided below:

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Reflections On Love & Courage Video - Poems by M.N. Hopkins

Reflections on love and courage video.   Poems by M.N. Hopkins set to music.

Note:   Much thanks and gratitude to Sukie for the creation of this video for me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Message From Sir Albert Holmes

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We are history if we don't take care of each other.

Sir Albert Holmes

To read more of Sir Albert Holmes's quotations, please click on the link provided below:

Monday, April 16, 2018

Right Use of Valour - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

A warrior protects

The weak, old, innocent, all

Right use of valour

© 2018   M.N. Hopkins

Note:  This poem was both inspired and written today on the 16th of April,  2018.  I thought about the perversion of war with it's hidden face of greed, power and theft of resources under the public face of humanity and freedom and the soldiers of today having misplaced their honour and valour doing the bidding of men and women with mental illness and emotional darkness.  A change of direction and heart is needed if the human race is to continue with our humanity intact.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Truth Of Hate Crimes - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

The truth of hate crimes

Protecting those full of hate

From those full of love

© 2018  M.N. Hopkins

Note:  This was inspired after watching the news about a meeting in Stockholm, Sweden with Google and Twitter with the Swedish Government officials and their media lackeys to increase censorship of what they term hate crimes.  Facebook was invited also but did not come to the meeting.  These words came to me later when thinking about the hypocrisy and almost psychosis of those involved.  I thought of the word double talk also.  Protecting rapists, murderers, fanatics full of hate while at the same time going after those who tell the truth and try to warn others out of love of the community and their nation.  I wished to sum up this unwillingness and inability to deal with reality from the powers that be and their war on those who care enough about their communities to speak up in the hope that others will join them to end this madness that has inflected our Lands.

I wrote this poem in the haiku style of poetry and published it on my blog for the first time today, the 14th of April 2018.

Heaven On Earth - The Wisdom of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Heaven and Earth - achieving their union within us

"When Jesus says in ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, ‘May thy kingdom come, may thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…’ not only does he emphasize the bond between heaven and earth, he reveals to humans that their task is to transform, beautify and purify the earth, so that it may one day become like heaven. You might say that this isn’t possible. But it is.
It is true that spiritualists must reach for the heavens, but their work does not end there. They must think to bring the light of heaven, the love of heaven, the power of heaven and the purity of heaven, down into their brain, into their lungs, into their stomach – into their entire body. And so, after years of effort, they will succeed in realising within themselves the union of heaven and earth, of spirit and matter. And once they have achieved this union within themselves, they can also contribute to its realization around them."

Friday, April 13, 2018

Sadness And Gladness - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

Sadness And Gladness

That which fuels humanity

Embrace both and thrive

©  2018 M.N. Hopkins

Note:   This was inspired early this morning when I woke to start the day.  I tried several versions before arriving at this one. This poem was wriiten in the haiku style of poetry and published on  my blog for the first time today, the 13th of April, 2018.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Joy Shared - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

A child smiles

Joy shared through her sparkling eyes

Joy returned through mine

© 2018  M. N. Hopkins

Note:  This poem was inspired and written today after a chance meeting between a very little girl and I while waiting in line at the grocery store.  I turn around and was met with the smile of a small girl with sparkling eyes like diamonds in the sun.  Her joy was so intense that one could feel it in the air.  I returned her smile with a silly face and big smile.  When I left the store,  I turned around to see her one last time and waved and smiled and she returned it with a wave of joy directed my way.   I wrote 2 or 3 versions before deciding on this one which I published for the first time on my blog today, the 9th of April 2018.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Celestial Fire - The Wisdom of Omraam Michael Aivanhov

Celestial Fire  

From which we light our spirit and our soul. Orthodox Easter

"The candles and lamps that are lit in churches are symbols of our spirit and soul, which must light each day with the celestial flame. Once we have lit them, we can also light other spirits and souls around us, just as they do in Orthodox churches on Easter morning. The faithful each hold a candle, and the bishop begins by lighting a candle from which the nearest attending officiate lights theirs. Then, one after the other, each of the faithful lights their candle from the person next to them. It is as if the fire gradually spreads, until the church is filled with a multitude of small flames.

In an initiatic school, we learn not only to set our spirit and our soul alight, but once we have one so, to keep the flame burning so that other spirits and souls may also come and be kindled at our fire."

The Kids That Come To Me....A Quote from Dr. Toni Bark

For more information on Dr. Toni, please click on the link provided below:

Center For Disease Prevention & Reversal

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Truth About Pet Cancer Docu-Series Begins on April 4, 2018

Registration page link below:

The Truth About Pet Cancer Docu-Series

Some of the things you’re going to learn in this groundbreaking docu-series are pet cancer causes, how the pet food industry may be responsible for some of these health issues, and treatments and preventions.

I’m so excited to be able to share this information with you that I can hardly stand it.

We have over 30 pet health experts, ranging from world-renowned veterinary oncologists to holistic veterinarians ready to share their vast expertise in health with you.

And it’s hosted by yours truly.

If you haven’t had a chance to reserve your seat, click the link below and get ready for this truly amazing event.

This event is completely free to watch and we encourage you to share the link above with your friends and family so they too can experience everything this amazing series has to offer.

So, mark your calendar, set your alarm, and get ready to have your mind blown with the information you’re about to receive.

See ya there,

Ty Bollinger

P.S. The Truth About PET Cancer is unlike any docu-series you’ve ever seen and again, it’s totally free.


The link below should take you directly to the Episode 1 video:

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

It's Not Possible To Be.....A Quotation from Sir Albert Holmes

It's not possible to be absolutely good, but it's absolutely possible to be better.

Sir Albert Holmes

To read more witty quotations by Sir Albert, please click on the link provided below:

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Starshatter - A Sci-Fi Novel by The Black Night


The young Kil’ra Morale Officer looked at his new uniform with pride. He’d finished his apprenticeship in half the normal time, and been decorated with the Gold Honor Badge for achieving top scores in all disciplines. It was neatly pinned upon the breast of his beautiful dark grey uniform, worn by all Terran officers of the Corps, outshining the epaulets embossed with silver filigree and the platinum-covered buttons. But even those bright features stood out the least. His furry, tiger-like face stood at least three heads above the crowd of humans visiting the graduation ceremony, and Dozan eagerly took a minute to straighten his ornate cap. In the middle of the cap, right above the forehead, was affixed the double-headed Imperial Eagle, holding in its claws a crossed rifle and sword, as per official standard. He had forged the whole miniature by hand from megasteel, as a final test of his mastery in uniform-crafting. The short cape he’d also made, the accessory to his parade uniform, was dark blue, with the Alliance symbol sewn in its center. It was masterfully made, with all spiral arms of the Galaxy glistening, three-dimensional seams reflecting the evening sunlight. It created the illusion of certain stars glowing, and he’d made sure the Shield Held By Many Hands in the background was as solid and accurate as possible. The whole ensemble really looked quite splendid. Dozan exhaled and smiled, revealing a mouth full of white, razor sharp teeth, and his old master nodded at him, the signal to move forward and accept his graduation gift. The hard years of training and tests were behind him now; his newfound life purpose as a Kil’ra was to inspire and lead others by example, serving as a Morale Officer for the Terran Empire. But having been inspired by human bravery and refusal to back down even in the darkest of hours, Dozan knew that the real challenge was still ahead. He bowed slightly before accepting the weapon customarily gifted to a Terran officer of the Morale Corps. A very old human woman was holding his new vibro sword, and he bowed again when his hand grasped the sword’s handle. Dozan raised the blade high, and began reciting his official vow as the rest of the apprentices chanted his name: “By my Blood, I swear to Bravely protect all citizens of the Empire and the Alliance! By my Honor, I vow to Sacrifice if need be to ensure the survival of our culture! By my Example I pledge to lead by Virtue those who stand before Evil, and form a living wall securing our freedoms – Now, Forever, and Until my Last Breath!” The crowd erupted into cheers as he lowered his sword, beaming with joy. As it was traditional for Kil’ra younglings who had fulfilled their Es’lav, Dozan had now earned the right to use his full name. As the young morale officer sheathed his sword, he loudly proclaimed: “Bear witness, all of you who are present here, as my name is now Dozan’Re, The One Who Leads!” He quickly stepped off the platform and walked away, checking his few belongings as the crowd cheered him out of the building. He then stepped into the waiting taxi that would bring him to his first official assignment. While the grav-taxi drove towards the nearest starport, he collected himself, and with fondness, recalled the events that had led him to this moment. Kil’ra youth spent the first 40 years of their lives finding purpose and honing new skills, a period of time traditionally known as an “Es’lav”. Many wandered their ancient Star Empire’s territories, but more and more of them now chose to explore allied space. The Terran Empire and its culture of self-reflection, honor, and sacrifice for others were especially appealing to the Kil’ra. During his Es’lav, Dozan had spent six whole years on Mars colony. One of the first outposts of humanity and their client races, its capital city of Cydonia and the famous ancient Precursor ruins next to it were the reasons he’d traveled there. The people he befriended and the Terran culture were the reasons he’d stayed. Fascinated by the short and mostly sad history of the fledgling space-faring civilization, he’d spent many months immersing himself thoroughly in all of its beauty and history. One could say that he, as with most young aliens who came in contact with Earth and humanity, had quickly fallen in love with them and their desperate struggle for survival. After a few months of working odd jobs on Mars and its orbital satellites, Dozan had won a free tour of Earth’s historical monuments. He had traveled there on a rented shuttle, visiting the ancient places first. The Giza plateau had enthralled him, and he’d explored every pyramid and restored tombs that were available to the tourists. One week wasn’t enough to travel through the entire length of the lush Sahara forests. Once a desert, a terraforming project had started during the late 60’s and been completed only in twelve years. The Glaciers of Colorado, which Dozan had explored next, had also been restored immediately after the Sahara. Who knew the planet could have undergone such a transformation before the onset of the 21st century on Earth’s calendars? Having had enough money to pay for the extra fuel, he’d flown around with the shuttle, visiting many more places and countries than just the ones specified in the brochure. He’d been grateful that he’d decided to go off the beaten path, as each twist and turn revealed new and ever lovelier surprises that only drew him in the more. Earth had many nation-states who had united to form the Imperial Minarchy government. Within the Empire, the nation-states still existed, preserving their beautiful identities and unique cultures. Dozan had not seen anything like it anywhere within the territories of his own race’s empire. Sure, there were many Kil’ra colonies, each with their own quirky cultural differences, but nothing like this. The last site he’d visited before the end of the tour was a testament to this unity – the Tri-Ship Monument, a large debris field consisting of three wrecked Terran spaceships of an early design, known as the “Akira”, the “Lincoln”, and the “Rome”. First in their class, they were cruiser-size ships with rotating sections and limited speed. Nevertheless, the Terrans had fought valiantly against insurmountable odds. It was around the time when humans first traveled between the stars and joined the community of starfaring races that a great Pirate Lord named Mahimm unified many clans and led his armada into the Sol system. Arrogant and foolish, Lord Mahimm decided to invade and enslave all of humanity, even though he knew the humans had signed the pre-alliance agreement with the Kil’ra Empire. He hadn’t anticipated the Kil’ra to send their ships, nor had he anticipated the stiff resistance from the “primitive” locals. As expected, the humans had been physically weak; their fleet had only small escort ships, starfighters, and but three capital-size ships that were just fresh off the assembly line. Crews were trained to perfection but had little to no real combat experience, and the sly pirate lord predicted an easy fight. That proved not to be the case. Ultimate victory eluded him, and as he suffered unimaginable losses both in spaceships and ground forces, Mahimm went into a fit of rage on the bridge of his command cruiser, the Romaaruk. He commanded ten of the best destroyer captains in his armada to surround the lone Terran cruisers and take them. Somehow the humans resisted, and he lost all of his ships that were battling them. For thirty-nine full hours, they fought defiantly, dying from exhaustion and wounds, but never leaving their posts. Fulfilling their eternal duty to humanity, the cruiser’s whole crews died to the last man and woman. And as the hulls of their ships were being melted beyond repair, they themselves cooking alive inside their suits, the crew still managed to return fire. The pirates sent boarding parties who were to secure the wrecked ships, but wave after wave, they all vanished within the ravaged hulls. The Terrans shot at them with everything they had, but the power packs were all spent eventually. Then they fought them in melee. Jagged and broken weapons, severed limbs, and even pieces from the hulls of their own ships were used as weapons. Finally, the wounded Terrans, their suits damaged and suffering from decompression, used their failing bodies to finish the job. After their twentieth attempt, the pirates stopped sending marines. The space around those three Terran ships became a graveyard for them, a terrible monument to their Great Lord’s folly But even with such a heroic resistance, the humans were losing badly. Dozan’Re remembered a short holo clip that had been on display at the monument, taken from one of the reinforcing Kil’ra Star Navy ships who had managed to break through the pirates’ lines and reach the site. A single dead Terran crewwoman floating in space had been found, limbs entangled with those of an enemy marine. Evidently, she’d broken the faceplate of that pirate marine with her own, killing herself and the enemy in the process. Dozan had wondered why she hadn’t used her arms, but on closer inspection, the young Kil’ra had noticed that they had been blown away. Her suit had been self-sealed by its anti-decompression-grade vacfoam, yet she was obviously going to die from the wounds even before taking the decision to sacrifice herself. When he’d magnified the image, on her frozen face, one could see her defiant smile. While Dozan had been floating in his suit, overwhelmed by emotion from the holo clip he’d just seen, he’d noticed a lone, elderly human man. Wearing an antiquated space suit, the white-haired senior citizen had been touching the hull of the Lincoln at seemingly random places. Every time he stopped, there’d been a short burst of comms from him, sent on an open link in the local I-net. Dozan had been intrigued, and he’d decided to listen to what the old man was saying. The man had been whispering on the open frequency, and obviously was a gifted orator: “You, who suffered and died for others to live in safety – Glory! Remembered will you be as long as our race’s memory stands pure. Heroes standing in the enemy’s way, too tired to move and who yet died fighting – Vengeance! Sacrificing the vile monsters who took you away from your families, before it was your time. Our drive to fulfill the promise is eternal, for as long as our race’s strength holds true.” As Dozan listened in awe, the man had gone on: “Victims, those who were kidnapped and sold as pieces of flesh – Justice! There will be a reckoning for the crimes of your captors and their abettors yet. Doom will be upon them, swift Terror grasping their hearts and minds. Ever knowing their violent Death follows steps, shadows, and space....” Dozan had been suddenly taken with vivid emotions, and he’d soon found his helmet full of tears floating in the zero-G. The faceplate of his suit had quickly cleaned the droplets out – and he only then saw that the old Terran had lost control of his own suit. The man had suddenly grasped his chest and started floating away deep in the debris field. Concerned, the young Kil’ra had leaped away from the tourist railing, detaching his grappling cable and activating the small engines on his suit. With grace and precision, Dozan had reached the man, grabbed him, and turned away, navigating towards the nearest med station. Amazingly, those tiny spacesuit engines had had enough fuel for him to get there quickly. As he’d correctly assumed, the old man was having a heart attack, and would’ve died, had he not intervened in a most timely manner. However, after a quick surgery inside the medical shuttle, the old man had awoken angry. “Why have you stopped me from attending to my duties!?” he’d screamed at the stunned medic, who tried desperately to calm the man down. Dozan had now noticed his unshaven face, the pale, almost deathly-looking skin, and the swollen, tired eyes. The unkempt beard and dirty hair were in wild contrast with the brilliant language he had heard earlier. The man’s voice had suddenly begun to haltingly fail, showing deep pain instead of angered strength. The man needed help.As the medic attended to him, Dozan had slowly moved over and faced the old man: “Calm yourself, Sir, you have suffered a heart attack and you should listen to the doctor here.” Dozan had used his best diplomatic tone and smiled charmingly as he continued, “We would be truly sad to lose one such as you, gifted Speaker and honored Elder, to a simple heart failure.” The man was suddenly speechless, his eyes filled with tears, and he mumbled “Your Highness” before falling unconscious.The doctor had sat beside the old man and began crying too. It had been very disturbing for the Kil’ra to see a grown adult weeping, and he had asked, “Please, you told me he was going to be fine, Doctor. I don’t understand, why are you crying?” The doctor then turned away, and with great sadness in his voice, he had answered Dozan: “This is the great Morale Officer, Ulfric Wagner! He was the sole survivor from the Lincoln. Many of us fear he’s lost his mind since the only thing he does these days is to spend all his waking time reciting the names of the dead and honoring them with speeches. He is far too old to be doing that – floating in outer space, I mean! There is so much that he could learn the next generation. Alas, we haven’t been able to persuade him to retire from his self-imposed solitude.” The doctor had then left Dozan sitting near the medibed, puzzled. Dozan had then begun to search the G-net with his PDA. It had taken old Ulfric six hours to wake up, six hours that Dozan spent reading and soaking up everything that he could find about the old morale officer like a sponge. The more he had read, the more he’d been overwhelmed by the idea and purpose of the Morale Corps. And at the very moment, Ulfric awoke, there at his side had been one very eager young Kil’ra, practically begging him to take him as an apprentice. At first, the grizzled old man had been defiant, but after following him for a month, every single day, and reciting the exact words of his famous speeches, Ulfric had finally capitulated. Perhaps for the first time in his long life, the old morale officer had seen that there was more to him than spending endless hours in mourning. The Galaxy belonged to the youth. What better duty was there than to prepare them to face its horrors with equal duty and pride? And there was Dozan, one of these youth, only too willing to learn.

If you enjoyed reading the promoplease check out my book on Amazon: 



Heaven Is A Place - An Insight from Magnus Ericsson

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Happy Easter Weekend 2018

Have a very pleasant and joyous Easter weekend this year.   Best wishes to all.

Kindest & warmest regards,

Swedish Easter greeting

Monday, March 26, 2018

Finding Common Ground - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

Finding common ground

Putting differences aside

Protect our free speech

© 2018  M.N. Hopkins

Note:    The inspiration for this haiku poem came to me yesterday after watching a youtube video of Tommy Robinson interviewing Sa Ra Garvey about the topic of free speech and how the UK government is doing it's best to put a lid on people voicing their opinions and thinking that people of different groups must find some common ground, put aside their differences for awhile and work together to protect our rights to free speech before they disappear.   I wrote this poem yesterday and published it today for the first time on my blog on the 26th of March 2018.

Great Empires Crumbled, While Ideas Survived - The Wisdom of Bhagat Singh

To learn more about Bhagat Singh, please click on the link provided below:

Friday, March 16, 2018

Calling All Freedom Loving Brits In Or Near London This Sunday To Hyde Park on 18 March 2018 at 3 PM

May Your Moments Rest In... A Quotation from Kristin Granger

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May your moments rest in the arms of experience.

May your experience rest in the arms of wisdom.

May your wisdom rest in the arms of your heart

and may your heart rest in the arms of Gratitude.

Kristin Granger


If you wish to see even more of Kristin's quotations, please click on the link provided below:

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Proverbs of Buddhist Maha Siddha Ancestors by Tenzin Dhondup

Photo of Maha Siddha Jetsun Milarepa

I have a deep love towards my Ancestors.
They are the Jewels that is worth beyond the price, they are the sun that is shining in the darkness.
Today I would like to share few proverbs of my Maha Siddha Ancestors. 
After reading their biography, I have found these precious proverbs, today I would like to share with the world. Please forgive for my weak translation. 
One of the beauties of my Maha Siddha Ancestors
Even though they are the highest of the highest, gods of the gods for me but they always claim to be the lowest of the lowest, they claim them self to be wandering beggars and I respect that a lot.
A small River will always make a big noise but Ocean is always clam.
This is the great beauties of their compassion and wisdom. 
May hearing the names of these Maha Siddhas, Bodhicitta grows in your mind. 
Maha Siddha Jetsun Drukpa Kunley
1. A young woman finds pleasure in love.
A young man finds pleasure in sex. 
An old man finds pleasure in his memoirs.
2. Rich people, tight fist.  An old man, tight mind. 
3. Lama without compassion will definitely cheat so don't worship. 
4. Haven't let go attachment, whats the point of leaving hometown.
5. Don't hurt a woman who follows you her whole life.
6. Don't challenge wisdom with Jetsun Sakya Pandita and Jetsun Tsongkhapa.
7. A person who wears Dharma Robes and engages in worldly deeds will dishonor Buddha Dharma.
8. Women are precious, even the highest teachings of Buddha is known as the Great Mother.
9. Wandering in Samsara, again and again, is a sad thing.
10. Harmonize with all but don't trust all. 
11. If ignoring the Karmic law of cause and effects, even though it looks like Buddhism but take it as non-Buddhism.
12. Like in a young girls dream, a son was born and son was dead in the same dream. She was happy when a son was born. She was sad when a son was dead. You should know that all phenomena are just like that. 
13. You guys devotion is like, closing eyes and joining palms of hands all the time but it's incredible that your devotion is not in the mind, it's so deceitful to cheat Lama.
14. Needs lots of merits, just to acquire the name Lama. 
These are the great proverbs from Maha Siddha Jetsun Drukpa Kunley that I have found in his biography which I have bought in Lhasa.
Maha Siddha Jetsun Milarepa 
1. If no ashamed in mind, whats the use of understanding the Buddha Dharma.
2. Milarepa won't make wealth, if Milarepa makes wealth, renouncing worldly life is meaningless. 
3. Whether live or die, for my faith, I will not regret.
4. A mind without attachment and hatred is Buddha Dharma Practitioner.
5. Walk slow and you will reach faster. Stay at lowest and you will reach the highest.
6. In the biography of Jetsun Milarepa, Gold and Stone have no difference. 
7. If just picking a name can get enlighten then let me call you 'Buddha.' 
8. Stay alone and you will meet the friend.
9. Although all the pleasure and pain are impermanent,  if you can endure such pain, you will get the permanence happiness. 
10. Is their thorn in your mat, why you can't seat and practice.
11. I was expecting you to become a practitioner who makes holes in the meditation mat, you are wanting to become a practitioner who makes a hole in the shoes.
12. May all action becomes Buddha Dharma. If all action won't becomes Buddha Dharma, practicing compassion is meaningless.
13. Dhamobodhi doesn't want gold, if Yogi Dhamabodhi wants gold, attaining Siddha is meaningless. 
14. Rechungpa doesn't want profit. If Dorje Drakpa wants to gain profit, following Lama is meaningless. 
15. hardship practice can even achieve rareness. 
16. If any thought of eight worldly dharma arises, I will suicide. If any thought of seeking comfort arise, may Dikinis take my life. ( Jetsun Milarepa's commitment when meditating alone )
17. In the strict retreat, where there is no humans and dogs, there is a lamp, which is the sign of quick success in spiritual practice.
18. My body looks like a skeleton, even my enemies, when they see me, they will shed tears. 
19. Right now you are rich and famous and it's a good thing but did you ever thought, when you die, you have nothing. 
20. If mind and body are attached together, at the time of death, why mind and body get separated. If mind and body are separated, when the body gets sick, why the mind is in pain? 
21. If you don't practice Buddha Dharma, saying I understand is deceiving. 
22. Generally, Lay peoples devotion is in the mouth, I Yogis devotion is in the heart. 
23. If you really want to practice Buddha Dharma, instead of cleaning your face, you should start cleaning your mind. 
24. If you really want to practice Buddha Dharma,  you have to take all the good qualities of Samsara as a fault. All the obstacles you get in Samsara as a friend on the path to enlightenment.
25. Constantly thinking about Death will conquer laziness. 
26. If not practicing the orally transmitted instructions from Lama, staying in retreat place is like making a unhappiness for your own. 
27. Like that river, practice Dharma continuously. 
28. If you don't realize that everything is a projection of your own mind, even conquering the world of Brahma has no happiness. 
Maha Siddha Sakya Jetsun Drakpa Gyaltsen 
1. If cant stay alone, won't attain Siddhi. 
2. Not following an Authentic Lama, whats the point of leaving the hometown.
3. Not practicing the teachings of Buddha, whats the point of only hearing the teachings. 
4. At the time of death, other than Buddha Dharma, nothing can help. 
5. I have heard that it's hard to attain precious human body. I have heard that it's hard to find an Authentic Lama. I have heard that you have to leave everything and go. I have heard that Samsara is suffering. I have heard that Nirvana is happiness. 
6. I am not a person with merits but having attained human body and Buddha Dharma prevailed on the world, happened at the same time. The moment I left hometown and I have found an Authentic Lama, happened at the same time.  The moment I saw sufferings of Sentient Beings and a great compassion has arisen from my heart, happened at the same time. 
7. Humans are preparing, preparing, preparing for whole life, however, didn't prepare for next life.
8. Seeking your own enlightenment has no meaning when all Sentient Beings are our mother. Mothers are in suffering and it's sad to seek your own happiness. 
9. Intoxicants are the source of losing awareness. Meat is the source of losing compassion. Women are the source of losing reputation. 
10. The main practice should be letting go the worldly deeds. Even if you didn't attain Siddhi, there is nothing to regret. 
11. Put your mind on the Buddha Dharma. Even if you are born in hell, there is nothing to regret.  Put your whole life on the Buddha Dharma. Even death comes, there is nothing to regret. In order to acquire merit, you have to take the vow. Even if your friends are unhappy, there is nothing to regret. You have to make sure to do things which are not regretful. Even if others talk bad about you, there is nothing to regret. 
These are the few proverbs from Maha Siddhas. I will be updating more soon.
Even though I am a person with no any merit, I still rejoice in hearing the names of these great Buddha's and having a merit to read their biographies.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Code Of A Sikh Warrior

To read clearly, click on the image above.

One of the many gifts that India has given to our world.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Union Must Stand - A Poem by M.N. Hopkins

The Union must stand

Ancestors have sacrificed

So, Let Freedom Be

©  2018  M.N. Hopkins

Note: The union that is referred to in this poem is the United States of America.  Please don’t confuse it with the European Union which is a totalitarian entiety established without struggle or sacrifice outside of any democractic processes.   I have played with the arrangement of wording in this poem over a few weeks and finally came to a result that I was satisfied with.   I have published it for the first time on my blog this day, the 3rd of March 2018 in the style of poetry known as haiku.